Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Yemen MoD official statement regarding targeting UAE HSV-2 Swift warship

In constant attempts to mislead the world on the Yemeni military commitment against the Saudi-Emirati & Allies aggression war on Yemeni state and people, public relations firms funded by countries of aggression continue to lie about the tactical military operation that targeted the United Arab Emirates Warship on Saturday 1st of October 2016.

Yemeni Ministry of Defense Confirms that all the lies being globally promoted regarding that operation is just part of the promotional campaign of coalition aggression, and that Yemen Navy targeted that UAE Warship after careful observation until they were certain that this Warship is operating within continues coalition military operations against Yemeni coast, and according to these data, statements from both Yemeni military and UAE Ministry of Defense came out confirming that a warship operating within enemy warships was targeted & destroyed or as UAE Ministry of Defense described in their official statement as "Army ship owned by Armed Forces of United Arab of Emirates" 

Yemen Naval forces is protecting the coast of Yemen against all terrorist operations carried out by independent terrorist organizations or terrorist groups operating within and under the coalition of the countries of aggression.

By land, sea and air & within our tasks, we spotted all activities of targeted warship until it entered territorial waters of Yemen. Targeting operation was carried out ten nautical miles off the coast of Yemen exactly off coast of Mokha, which is under the control of Yemen Army, not off the coast of Aden which is under their control as coalition lies promoted. Targeted warship was heading North not South "Coalition said ship was heading to Djibouti then Dubai sealing from Aden which means heading South"

With appreciation to the international concern on the safety of waterways, we affirm that states that conjures up a battle between Yemenis and passing ships off the territorial waters, have no goal but to raise global panic in these waterways protected by Yemen in cooperation with all countries of the world, it is regrettable that forces of aggression used these international waters to lay siege on Yemen in an attempt to push people of Yemen to ignite naval war in the most important Straits of the world, and while Yemenis proved competence in differentiating between civilian activities and activities of aggressive war and kept the world's marine areas safe despite all the violations carried out by the countries of aggression in the same area, coalition states are trying to raise panic and incitement against Yemenis.

We affirm our commitment to respect the interests of the world in these areas, and condemn the exploitation of the countries of aggression by employing commercial and civil activity within the operations of aggression, and affirm that we consider any naval military mechanism of any of the countries of aggression sealing off our maritime borders is a legitimate target for our defensive fire in accordance with all humanitarian military and civilian laws and norms.

We wish that the world puts pressure on the countries of aggression not to throw waterways in an illegal war against Yemen and Yemenis, whether by military operations or economic blockade or through this confusion by disguising warships as commercial ships seeking to protect their mechanics of war